Coco's streams are a community, a family based on compassion, kindness, and respect. Our community leaders not only ensure that our streams are an uplifting space, but invigorate our community with their creativity, knowledge, and heart.

These amazing muffins make all of this possible.





Neuropsychologist, Husband, Beard

A board-certified Clinical Neuropsychologist and a board-certified Criminal Forensic Neuropsychologist, Deathcake is Coco's husband, collaborator, guest streamer, and best friend. 

He uses cutting-edge knowledge of neurocognitive brain functioning to help people better understand themselves and live their best lives. Cake is also an abstract street-photographer. Check out his innovative photos here: http://www.nicholasedward.com/



Poet, Master of Setting Boundaries, Steak advocate

Tony is at the heart of our communities most moving, emotional conversations and our silliest jokes (we’re still mourning the pandas eating Katie, Tony. RIP.). He recently published his first collection of poetry, titled EXISTANCE. A moving reflection on lived experiences of intimacy, growth, and resilience, Tony’s book can be found and purchased here: https://t.co/RozeqfGzSM



Photographer, Actual Lord, Silliest of Muffins

Lord of the Dude is proof that you can be kind, humble, down to earth and people will still see how incredible you are. Dude’s unreasonably clever humor and sweetness are a crucial part of the foundation for what makes Coco’s community feel so welcoming and happy. A skilled nature photographer, Lord of the Dude’s photography captures everything from the windy radiance of France’s coast to candid wildlife shots and intimate portraits of the moon. See his photography on Instagram at instagram.com/louis_ottino/


Lucy crop.png

Journalist, Comic Book Guru, Stunning Intellectual

Lucy is unrivaled in her delightful ability to merge the headiest literary references with the most obscure and fun comic book knowledge. Did you know Fred Flintstone once fought in a genocidal war? Yes… really. Astute to the practicalities of mental health and wellness, Lucy really shines when she elevates our conversations with relevant philosophical quotes, literary pieces, or delightfully unique comic book references. Enjoy her cunning dives into geek culture, music, and film on her blog here: https://lucisanctum.blogspot.com/



OG Mod, Streamer, Stasher of Doritos

KDigg is a fundamental part of how Coco’s community became the uplifting, fun, safe community it is today. One of the most astute people Coco has known, KDigg has been a part of Coco’s channel from the start, ensuring that safety and connection are at the heart of his stream family and teaching us how powerful the friendships we form online can be. KDigg is a super chill variety streamer who loves Castlevania, Street Fighters, and speedruns Resident Evil games. Watch his broadcasts here: twitch.tv/kdigg



Full-time Gay, Part-Time Writer, Incessant Delight

Bringing insight to wit, compassion to knowledge, Joda is an irreplaceable spirit in our mod community. Want to read 15 Tiny Ways to Start Getting Your Sh*t Together? Dip your toes into learning the tarot? Check out Joda's website at http://mxjoda.com/ for articles, art, and other delightful goodies. Their twitter contains general nonsense and tomfoolery.


Cheshire Cat, Emote Genius, Queen of the Universe

Words cannot accurately convey the depth of Coco's love for DragnTears. Have you ever delighted over Coco's Twitch emotes? DragnTears. Have you heard the unofficial uniform of our community is iridescent mermaid booty shorts? DragnTears. Need channel art, emotes, a compassionate, witty friend who is somehow at the heart of every legendary inside joke? Then check out DragnTears' art and work at https://dragntears.deviantart.com/