The following are fantastic mental health resources from around the internet. Coco has picked each of these as some of her favorite recommended websites and guides.




If you're in crisis, having thoughts of harming yourself, don't want to be here anymore, or are considering suicide, check out this website for resources and strategies to keep yourself safe.

You deserve to get support. Help is available. Hope and change is possible.

If you are worried for someone in emotional crisis or someone who is suicidal, here is a good resource. Learn what to watch for, what to do, and warning signs of suicide.

You can learn to help others in crisis.

This website is a phenomenal resource for anyone in painful, damaging, unhealthy, draining, or abusive relationships (with friends, family, or dating). The website is geared toward managing relationships with someone who has a personality disorder, but the toolbox resources and recommended Do's and Don'ts are fantastic for any type of difficult relationship. They also have supportive, well-moderated forums.

A wonderful resource to empower people to prevent and end abusive relationships. They have a hotlines, text helpline, LGBTQ+ resources, lots of educational information about healthy and abusive relationships designed to keep you safe emotionally and physically.

LoveisRespect is a great resource to help you have the most supportive, healthy relationships that you deserve.

Want to meet people to date or to develop new friendships? Want to get out of your house and experience some fulfilling new activities? is a fantastic website that connects you to local groups on hundreds of activities and interests, like tabletop gaming, exercise, book clubs, movie nights, crafting, food and dinner clubs, and more. 

Meeting people during an engaging activity can alieviate a lot of social pressure and be a great way to form bonds through shared interests!



These are great mental health resources and info. Browse, use Ctrl+F to search for certain keywords, download, save, and share them! 

Remember, these links are not therapists. These links are not medications. These may have been written by mental health professionals, but they are not the same as sitting down with a mental health professional getting one-on-one attention focused on your personal needs and concerns. 

Use these to support your self-care, but never in lieu of professional help. And if you wonder if you need professional help? Go talk to a professional and you both can decide together! 

More resources are being added regularly! Feel free to suggest or request resources by sending an email to



Help with anger

Lots of tips for understanding and improving problems with anger:

Helping children with anger

Helping children who have trouble with anger or intense emotions:





Do you worry a lot? Why does worrying happen and how help stop it! Great PDF: 


How avoidance can feed anxiety and how to break the cycle PDF: 

Expecting the worst

How our negative predictions about the world make our anxiety worse PDF:

Facing our fears

How to start getting our toes a little wet when facing our anxiety a bit PDF:

Thoughts & anxiety

How to think differently to reduce our anxiety PDF:

Social anxiety

Tips on how to overcome social anxiety PDF: m/sites/default/files/adult_hmsocial.pdf

Panic attack ecourse

Want tips to manage anxiety and panic? Check out this great website with a free online course:

See also: Relaxation, Trauma & PTSD




Change bad habits

How to start breaking down those bad habits and starting better ones:

Debt problems

Do you have a lot of financial debt that is causing you stress and impacting your mental health? Here is an article with some resources:


Mindfulness and awareness is step 1 of making any positive changes in our life! Here’s a PDF to help:




Healthy communication

Learn to communicate, listen, and connect in a healthy manner:

Social skills

Social skills, conversations skills, nonverbal skills tips and more:

Assertive communication

Clearly express your needs while respecting others:

DBT communication tips

Dialectical Behavior Therapy's classics of communication skills:




Dealing with intense emotions

Coping with tips PDF:

Compassion fatigue

Are you a healthcare worker, mental health worker, crisis worker, or volunteer? Do you ever struggle with burnout or find that you struggle with compassion on some days? Here's a great resource:

Coping with trauma

Have you lived through a traumatic event or crisis? This is a great PDF to help:

Feelings list

Feelings list (this list is for kids, but it is awesome for us adults!):

Guilt and shame

Guilt, shame, and self-blame can be incredibly painful! This PDF can help:




Mental health in college

Tips on navigating college with mental health disabilities. Click a disorder and read on for lots of info, tips, resources, and more!

Disability resources

Various resource lists for folks with disabilities:

Illinois resources

Giant list of resources for folks with disabilities living in Illinois in the US:

Spoon theory

The origin of spoon theory - a great way to understand and explain what life is like when living with a disability, disorder, medical condition, chronic pain, or fatigue: 




Eating disorder info

Questions about eating disorders? Is it time to get help? What is treatment like? More info here:

Helping others

How to help a loved one when you're concerned about their eating or eating disorder:

Emotional eating

Emotional eating when you're stressed or emotional can be tough, here's info to help:




Understanding research

Just because something is published research doesn’t mean it is Truth. Learn to spot bad science, improve your scientific reasoning skills, and identify common problems with research studies here:

Gender differences

Does gender impact your personality, cognition, or leadership skills? What is the difference between men and women? Find out here:

LGBTQ+ questions

Questions about lesbian, gay, and bisexual sexual orientations? Is homosexuality a mental disorder (Spoiler: No.)? Info and answers to common questions here:

Trans and gender identity info

What is the difference between sex and gender? What does transgender mean? Is it a mental disorder (Spoiler: NO.)? More info here: 

Field of psychology's professional stance on LGBTQ+

Wonder what the American Psychological Association's official stance is on transgender, gender identity, and gender expression? Read here: 

Gay marriage research

Questions about lesbian or gay marriages? Do same-sex couples as good of parents at heterosexual couples (Spoiler: Yes.)? More info on same-sex marriage here: 

Intersex info

Questions about what intersex means? Here's a resource to learn more!

Cultural appropriation

What is cultural appropriation? Is it just sharing? Learn more:




Is ADHD a gift?

Is ADHD a gift? Are mental disorders actually gifts? (Hint: NO.) Here’s a video to help you understand. It is about ADHD, but applies to any disorder.


When is it a disorder?

How do you know when you just have some symptoms or a full-on actual disorder? How do you know when something is normal or an actual problem? Here’s a fantastic video that breaks it down, talking about ADHD, but it applies to all disorders.




Worried about a friend?

Are you concerned that your friend or loved one is in an abusive or harmful relationship?

Types of abuse

What are the different types of abuse? What counts as abuse?


What is gaslighting? Here is some info and great tips on how to deal with it!

Am I an abuser?

Concerned that you might be mistreating or abusing others?


What is stalking and what do you do if you're worried that you're being stalked? 

Online harassment

Are you being harassed online? Here is a great resources and guides to help: 

Prevent online harassment

Resource on preventing online harassment and keeping your information safe:




LGBT mental health

Great intro article on LGBT Mental Health by our moderator, @Mxjoda!

Professionals who specialize in working with trans people

List of US-based mental health and medical providers: 
  •   National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network:
  •   Trans-specializing professionals:
  •   Trans-specializing medical & mental health professionals: 

Trans and non-binary support groups

List of US-based support groups for trans and non-binary individuals:

Anti-violence programs

LGBT anti-violence programs:




Coping with loss

Here are three fantastic resources with lots of info about loss and tips for coping:

Job loss

Layoffs, sudden job changes, and unemployment can be very difficult experiences, but here are some tools and strategies to help you during this time:





Tons of resources on perfectionism


Tons of resources for procrastination

How to start doing stuff

Have hard time getting even the littlest things done? Our mod, Joda, wrote a fantastic article with lots of tips written for folks with depression, but these tips can help anyone!




WOC LGBTQ+ therapists

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network:

Fantastic guide for Women of Color and LGBTQ+ People of Color about finding a great therapist:

Black mental health resources

Online organizations and resources created to support the mental health needs of the Black community (primarily US-based):

Race and mental health

Info on race and mental health with TONS of race-specific resources: 

Minority mental health

What are some unique considerations for minority mental health? Great article:

POC therapy info

Are you a Person of Color and considering therapy? Here's a great article! 

Resources & tips

Article with a billion great resources for how People of Color can foster mental health & wellness:





What are healthy boundaries and how to set them in any type of relationship, personal or professional.  

Healthy relationships

What are the traits of a healthy relationship (romantic or platonic)? Two great PDFs:

Health relationship quiz

Wondering about your relationship? Is it healthy, harmful, or abusive? Take this quiz: 

Is your relationship getting better?

Is your unhealthy or abusive relationship actually improving or are there still problems? 

Relationship rights

What are your rights and the rights of others in relationships? 


Wondering about codependency? Learn some traits and how to start improving with this PDF: 

Unhealthy relationships

Unhealthy or abusive relationships with friends, family, or loved ones? Want to learn how to cope, get support, and learn to set boundaries? 

Healthy sexual relationships

What is a healthy sexual relationship? What is unhealthy or abuse? PDF: 

Breaking up

If you’re thinking about breaking up, here are some things to consider, especially if you’re in an unhealthy or harmful relationship:

See also: Communication Skillz




Improve self-esteem

Learn how to improve our self-esteem! 
  •   Tons of resources:




Myths about therapy

Is therapy brainwashing? Are therapists just paid friends? Is therapy just complaining about your parents? Find the answers to these common myths and more:

Does therapy work?

Are different types of therapy more effective than others? Does therapy really help? Here's some info!,,20220497,00.html

How to afford treatment

Looking for mental health treatment, but money is an issue? This article covers a ton of great ways to find affordable treatment:




Trauma recovery

Can you recover from trauma? Yes. What does that process look like? How do you start to do so? Here are some PDFs, but remember - finding a therapist who specializes in trauma is often crucial to help facilitate this process to help ensure your success!

Immediately after trauma

Have you recently lived through a traumatic event or crisis? This is a great PDF to help: 


If you have PTSD or are worried that you have PTSD, here are some resources to help. No matter what book or article you're reading, it is important to get treatment from a professional specializing in PTSD as well!

Veterans with PTSD

Are you a veteran with PTSD who needs help getting services and coverage from the VA? This resource is a fantastic guide with lots of tips for ensuring you get the care you deserve!