Anxiety Gaming


It would be amazing to have a magic wand that found you a great therapist no matter what problems you had, no matter how much money you did or didn't have, no matter where you lived. You'd just have to take a few minutes to think about what type of help you need, what problems you want help with, if you'd like a particular type of therapy, want a Person of Color or LGBTQ-competent therapist, etc... and then POOF! The magic wand gives you the contact info for a great therapist in your area.

The bad news? That magic wand doesn't exist.

The good news? Anxiety Gaming definitely exists.


The Magical ‘Therapist Finder’ Resource

Anxiety Gaming is a non-profit universal healthcare system, providing mental health resources to anyone in need. They were born out of and continue to be supported by the gaming community. One of Anxiety Gaming’s most special resources is their Therapist Finder. Do you need a therapist? Having a hard time finding one or need help? Use the Therapist Finder, fill out your information and they'll have someone contact you within a few days. It's completely free.

The best part is that Anxiety Gaming is really focused on one-on-one support to make sure everyone gets the therapy they need, so their team of social workers and other professionals will work with you to ensure that you get connected with the right therapist.

I cannot, canNOT stress enough how incredibly rare and unique this Therapist Finder resource is. It is an unparalleled resource to have access to committed professionals who will work with you one-on-one to help you find the therapy you need, working with any particular needs you have. This just rarely, if ever, exists, especially not for free - be sure to take advantage of it if you need it and share it with anyone in the gaming community who needs help finding a therapist.


"I can't afford therapy."

This is a common difficulty folks face when looking for therapy. Anxiety Gaming will locate affordable therapy, within your budget. They have a grants to pay for therapy for people who can't afford treatment. Do you have insurance and are having a hard time finding a therapist in network? They got you. Live in a country with government-provided healthcare, but need help getting therapy? They can help.

Anxiety Gaming has helped people all over the world, including the United States, Canada, UK, Middle East, and more.


A Guide to Recovery

When we think about going to therapy, we have a ton of questions about what the road to "getting better" looks like. How do you know when you have a problem? What about medications? What are different types of therapies? Anxiety Gaming wrote a fantastic free Guide to Recovery that covers all these questions and more.


How Can I Get Involved?!

There are tons of ways to volunteer for Anxiety Gaming, plus opportunities to fundraise for them. Your fundraising makes a huge difference because it can cover the cost of therapy for someone who can't afford it! Follow Anxiety Gaming on Twitter for updates!