A few months ago I was wandering the internet and a clever new broadcasting platform caught my eye. Caffeine. I was intrigued by their unique take on what live broadcasting could be. In my time there, I've found their focus on kindness, positivity, inclusivity, and safety a delightful fit for my mental health broadcasting values and goals. Additionally, the warmth, enthusiasm, and supportive love that I've gotten from the team at Caffeine has been a mobilizing force for our community's mental health advocacy.

Am I head over heels? I do have little hearts floating around in my eyes when I think about all the upcoming plans I'm looking to share with you on Caffeine:

  • Giddy Coco interviews with game developers, producers, and other dynamic folks who have poured their hearts into their life's work.
  • The triumphant return of video game broadcasts! New titles, my old favorites, and all the silly gaming mental health allegories you could ever imagine.
  • Super exciting mental health collaborations with organizations in the gaming community and beyond.
  • Coco at PAX and other gaming conventions! That means in-person hugs!!!
  • All my PDFs, links, and resources from other websites on all sorts of mental health topics? They're going to be available on my website 24/7! 
  • The biggest, most exciting project I've ever created: Louder Up, a free, peer-based, mental health support program. More details to be announced soon!

What started as a fun interlude became the space that best suited all of my mental health and broadcasting dreams. After months of careful thought, I made the decision: Caffeine is my broadcasting home.

When you hop into our channel at Caffeine, you'll get to play with the refreshing new social model of chat and content discovery (designed from the ground up to eliminate toxicity!). If you have any questions - come in, ask me, and we'll explore this fun platform together. The Caffeine team is super responsive to feedback, so your experiences will help shape this growing platform!

I’m ridiculously excited. Here we'll be supported by the platform we broadcast on, just like we support each other. Our focus on compassion, consideration, and kindness as we uplift one another, champion for each other's wellness while brightening our days together will remain unchanged.

The community of people I've met on Twitch has been astounding. You're all a tremendous part of my life and I will continue being inspired by you and adoring the ever-loving bananas out of you. That never changes.

I'll be live on Caffeine at every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 3 - 6pm CDT. Follow me so you get notified when I go live! Join for even more mental health support and information, new gaming bonanzas, ridiculous bouts of sillies, and, as always, the most loving, supportive community you will find anywhere.

I can't wait to see you there!  

Check out fun Coco pictures and get more info about Caffeine on their About page!