The 1-2-3 Stress Busting Plan


Like in videogames, there are certain status effects that happen in our life that heavily limit our ability to function, much less be positive. One of the most important things you can do to improve your positivity in life is to take care of any major life debuffs.

Stress Busting to-do list:

  1. Tackle any major stressors in life - if there are people, situations, or things in your life that are causing you major distress, your first step is to do something about them. Problem solving is key: what can you control, what can you change, can you limit your exposure to these stressors or even remove yourself from them? Can you talk to anyone involved and try to cooperatively make things better?
  2. Practice practical positive thinking - change doesn't always come from some magical epiphany that dramatically changes everything. Change often requires diligent work that starts hard and gets easier over time. Check out Coco's article on how to truly begin to think positively and practically for a better life and use the 4-Steps for Managing Emotions Plan PDF for a great walkthrough.
  3. Learn the art of self-care - you're gonna need more than a few bath bombs. So much goes into self-care, like when to take time for self-care, what to do, having backup plans, different types of supports and activities. We can learn to develop a dynamic toolbox of self-care strategies so we can refuel, keep ourselves robust, and keep stress at bay. Check out Coco's Self-Chart Flowchart and her Big Self-Care Strategies PDFs to become a self-care champ.


Set Yourself Up for Success

Sometimes we try to swim across a racing river, forgetting that we have a 200 lb. backpack on and wonder why we keep getting washed downstream. If you have major emotional and mental health difficulties in your life, those are your priority before you tackle the river.

Depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other diagnoses aren't just annoying things that make it harder to be positive and beat stress. They are often one of the BIGGEST reasons you're having a hard time thinking more positivity, practicing self-care, and improving your stress level.

We like to think we can just strong-arm our mental health problems into submission by sheer will or ignoring them, but that's not how these things work. We need treatment if they're causing us notable trouble in life.