Mental Health Apps


Your phone is a magical device that puts inconceivable wonders of information and communication in your palm- we can use it as a personal tool to improve our mental health and wellness or we can use it as a little handheld black hole destroying all remnants of productivity. Step #1 of turning our phone into one of the most adaptive tools for our wellness is finding the right apps.

The following is a list of some of the best apps for your mental health and emotional wellness. Experiment. Play with the apps to see what works for you – you might be surprised how beneficial tracking your mood can be or how much better you feel when you’ve meditated for 10 minutes in the morning.


Mood Tracker Apps


Combining a basic mood tracker with a streamlined daily diary so you can keep track of what was going on during your emotional changes. This app is great for anyone who wants to become more aware of their mood and emotional patterns, but it can be especially helpful for folks with depression, mood disorders, or medical issues that may affect your mood.


There are a ton of great mental health tools packed into this app: a mood tracker, guided meditations, daily journal and thought records, goal and health trackers. It also has a few guided self-help programs, including one based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Because of the versatility of this app, it can be useful to almost anyone who wants to improve their mental health.


Guided Meditation Apps


One of Coco's favorite apps. HeadSpace is a guided meditation app that also has videos about how meditation is useful and how to approach meditation. It has 10 free guided meditations spoken by a British man with additional paid meditation series. Honestly, the initial 10 meditations are enough and you can do them over and over again.


Another fantastic guided meditation app with some fantastic bonus features. Calm includes bedtime stories to help you fall asleep, nature sounds to play during meditation, a bedtime meditation, and breathing exercises for relaxation.

Smiling Mind

A guided meditation app with uniquely tailored programs for various age groups and includes special focus topics on sports, school, and mindfulness in the workplace.


Emotional Support Apps

7 Cups

Talking with trained listeners for emotional support is the core of this app. They also have options to talk to licensed professionals and dozens of guided meditations. Many of the guided meditations are from well-known professionals and meditation experts.


Share your difficulties with others and get emotional support or listen and give others support. This app is designed to be a safe community to reach out to when you feel alone in your struggles. You can even participate anonymously. 


Anxiety Apps


A fantastic app to walk you through coping when you are having a panic attack. The techniques on this app are straight from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a form of CBT.


Recommended above in the Mood Tracker section, this app also has a ton of tools for managing anxiety, including guided meditations for anxiety and tools for managing our thoughts that make anxiety worse.


Discussed earlier in the Guided Meditation section, this app has many specific meditations that are classic meditation techniques for people with anxiety. These are the same tools that you can learn in anxiety classes or in CBT forms of treatment. Meditations specifically helpful for anxiety include, Body Scan, Calming Anxiety, Walking Meditation, Calm Kids, and relaxation breathing exercises.


Physical Wellness Apps

Manage My Pain Lite

Anyone who lives with chronic pain knows how difficult it can be to remember when and where and why you might have been feeling your pain symptoms. This pain tracker helps you track all sorts of features of your pain and health so you can begin noticing patterns, things that might help or worsen your pain and allows you to communicate your symptoms more effectively with your treatment professionals.

Period Tracker Clue

Menstrual cycles can have a tremendous impact on mood and pain symptoms. This app helps you learn more about your cycle to know when to expect your next period, identify the body changes that occur with different parts of your cycle, including pain and mood changes.


Health Apps

Our physical health is an integral part of our mental health functioning well. Having some form of regular exercise, getting enough sleep, having a good diet, and being hydrated are all great ways to help your emotional and cognitive functioning be at its best. Look for food diary apps (like MyFitnessPal), exercise programs, sleep trackers, and drinking water apps (like Daily Water tracker and Plant Nanny).